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Premium Reflection Gratings

Premium Reflection Grating

LightSmyth Technologies’ high efficiency reflection gratings are designed for use in telecom polarization-diversity optics and laser frequency stabilization. These gratings are fabricated using projection lithography and reactive-ion-etch on a single-crystal-silicon substrate and metalized to achieve very high efficiency for a single polarization. Each grating is a master, not a replica, resulting in low scattered light and long lasting performance. Wafer-scale cost-effective fabrication allows us to offer very competitive prices.

Importantly, LightSmyth reflection gratings reduce scattered light up to 100X compared to conventional commercial replicated holographic gratings and mechanically ruled gratings, providing superior signal to noise ratio and low channel cross-talk. Click here to see comparison plot.

  • Ultra-high efficiency for a single polarization.
  • Robust dielectric materials, no polymers are used.
  • Each grating is a master; ultra-low scatter.
  • Highly competitive pricing; Telcordia-qualified.
  • Optical telecommunications (laser sources, polarization diversity systems)
  • High power lasers
  • Tunable lasers



Description Units
Line Density 1200 lines/mm
Optimum Angle of Incidence 1 68 degrees
Wavelength Range (in vacuum) 1526-1566 nm
Line Density Uniformity (within grating) lines/mm
High Performance Reflection Grating
Diffraction Efficiency (p-polarization) 2 >90 %
1 Optical grating performance will remain substantially similar over a 5 ° variation in angle of incidence.
2 P-polarization: Incident electric field vector perpendicular to grating lines


Parameter Value
Substrate length x width Refer to Ordering Information table for standard substrate dimensions. Clear aperture starts 0.5 mm from the edges of the substrate. Custom grating sizes available upon request. Dimensional tolerance ± 0.20 mm
Substrate Thickness 0.675 ± 0.050 mm
Surface quality Standard 60/40 scratch/dig; custom up to 10/5 scratch/dig
Material Single crystal silicon, Reactive Ion Etch. Contains no polymers.


Please contact LightSmyth Technologies at 541-431-0026 or to request a quotation or for additional technical information.

Ordering Information

Line Density Size 1 Performance Grade Part Number
1200 lines/mm 12.5 × 12.5 mm High SLG-C12-1212A-Au-HP
  25 × 25 mm High SLG-C12-2525A-Au-HP

Custom High-Efficiency Reflection Gratings

LighSmyth also offers custom highly-efficient reflection gratings fabricated to your specifications, including custom wavelength range, line count, size and performance levels.

Please contact us at 541-431-0026 or