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Lightsmyth Jewels

Beautiful and exquisite, gems have long provided a source of pride and satisfaction to millions. Gems, enhanced by surrounding precious metals such as gold and silver, provide a center of brilliance and fire to jewelry items. Using the most advanced tools of modern design and fabrication, LightSmyth has created LightSmyth Jewels, a line of gems made from pure photonic crystal,TM whose fire and brilliance eclipses that of the best mineral gems.

The photographs on display on this page are real photographs of LightSmyth Jewels under various and changing lighting conditions. The LightSmyth Jewels shown are 6 mm in diameter and can be mounted in jewelry in a manner similar to traditional gems. Sizes from 3-20 mm are available and shapes include circles, triangles, hexagons, etc.

LightSmyth is looking for partners in jewelry manufacture and distribution who would like to assist us in bringing pure photonic crystal,TM gems to the millions of customers awaiting their chance to marvel at and enjoy their beauty.