Product: Transmission Diffraction Gratings for Pulse Compression, High Power Beam Combining and Spectroscopy

LightSmyth utilizes a unique patterning method, DUV projection photolithography and reactive ion etch, that offers a number of important advantages for transmission diffraction gratings. The same diffraction grating type may be used in a variety of applications.

Low wavefront deformation, even with thinner substrates, are of special value to pulse compression diffraction gratings. High diffraction efficiency (95% typical) allows our customers to minimize optical losses in multi-pass configurations. High energy pulsed and CW laser systems will benefit from high optical damage threshold of our diffraction gratings. They contain no organic materials and can withstand up to 500° C temperature with no performance degradation.

Unlike reflection diffraction gratings, transmission diffraction gratings may be polarization independent and operate at the optimal Littrow angle with conveniently large angular separation between the input and diffracted beam.

Robust and easily scalable fabrication offers economical, cost-effective diffraction gratings with rock-stable batch-to-batch performance.


  • Exceptional diffraction efficiency for selected polarization
  • Special design for broad passband and low angular sensitivity
  • Ultra-polished quartz substrate minimizes wave front deformation in transmission
  • Uses only fused silica and highly robust dielectric materials
  • No polymers or organics are used
  • Each diffraction grating is a master; ultra-low scatter
  • Extremely precise line density (line density uniformity <0.001 lines/mm)


  • Pulse compression of pico- and femto-second pulses
  • High power lasers
  • Spectral beam combining and beam steering
  • Remote optical sensors and spectroscopy

PDF icon Product Brief: High Efficiency NIR Transmission Grating (700 to 1100 nm)

Diffraction grating will perform with high efficiency over significantly larger spectral range and range of angles. Wavefront error <0.2 λ at operational wavelength over 25mm.

P/N prefix Buy Now Optimal Wavelength Range1 (nm) Line Density (Lines/mm) Angle of Incidence1 (°) Operational Polarization2 Diffraction Efficiency3 (%) Spectral Plot
T-1400-800 Buy Now 800±20 1398.60 34.0±1 S and P >94 Spectral plot link
T-1850-800s Buy Now 800±20 1851.85 47.8±1 S > 94 Spectral plot link
T-1200-850s Buy Now 850±20 1208.46 30.7±1 S > 94 Spectral plot link
T-1500-875 Buy Now 875±20 1503.76 41.0±1 S and P > 94 Spectral plot link
T-1702-895 Buy Now 895±20 1702.13 49.5±1 S and P > 92 Spectral plot link
T-1850-915s Buy Now 915±10 1851.85 57.9±1 S > 93 Spectral plot link
T-1500-930 Buy Now 930±20 1500.38 44.2±1 S and P > 94 Spectral plot link
T-1600-970s Buy Now 970±10 1600.00 51.3±1 S > 94 Spectral plot link
T-1850-970s Buy Now 970±10 1851.85 63.9±1 S > 93 Spectral plot link
T-1600-1030s Buy Now 1030±10 1600.00 55.5±1 S > 94 Spectral plot link
T-1702-1030s Buy Now 1030±10 1702.13 61.2 ±1 S > 93 Spectral plot link
T-1739-1030s Buy Now 1030±10 1739.13 63.6±1 S > 90 Spectral plot link
T-1000-1040 Buy Now 1040±20 1000.00 31.3±1 S and P > 94 Spectral plot link
T-1600-1060s Buy Now 1060+20 1600.00 58.0±1 S > 94 Spectral plot link
Notes 1 Gratings will be highly efficient over larger range of angles – please inquire.
2 P-polarization: incident electric field vector perpendicular to grating lines.  S-polarization: incident electric field vector parallel to grating lines.
3 For gratings supporting both S and P polarizations, the diffraction efficiency is the average efficiencies of S and P polarization at any given wavelength


Description Value
Substrate Width and Height Tolerance standard tolerance ± 0.2 mm
Grating Area Clear Aperture (CA) 0.5 mm from substrate edge; exception: 125 mm for 130 mm wide gratings
Substrate Thickness 0.675 ±0.050 or 0.95 ±0.050 (up to 10 mm custom thickness available)
Surface Quality in CA 60/40 scratch/dig
Surface Quality outside of CA no requirements
Material Fused silica substrate, non-organic dielectrics. Contains no polymers.
Notes: Better tolerances and surface quality available for custom products

Please contact LightSmyth Technologies at +1-541-431-0026 or to request a quotation or for additional technical information.

Custom High-Efficiency Transmission Gratings

LighSmyth offers custom highly-efficient transmission gratings fabricated to your specifications, including custom wavelength range, line count, size and performance levels. Substrate sizes up to 135 mm diameter are possible. Our optical engineers will gladly assist with your custom application.