Product: Diffractive Optics for Beam Steering, Focusing and Holography

LightSmyth offers custom diffractive optics solutions for challenging customer applications. The optics offer complete control of the phase of transmitted light without limitations imposed by refractive optics.

Product Brief: Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) Flat Lenses
Technical Paper: Partial etch phase (PEP) optical elements for high-volume applications

The design uses principles of computer generated holography for a given input and output beam configuration. The calculated phase transformation is then rendered into surface relief structure that is etched into fused silica substrate or other inorganic materials. As no organic or polymer materials are used, the parts can handle high optical power and harsh environmental conditions.

The method is suited for fabrication of lenses, vortex phase plates, axicons, beam splitters, pattern generators, computer generated holograms as stand-alone or arrayed components. There is no limitation on minimum component size, making it ideal for fabrication of micro-optical parts and multiple optical functions, such as collimation and beam splitting, may be implemented in a single optical surface.

The fabrication is based on robust DUV photolithography and reactive ion etch process that uses 150 mm diameter fused silica or glass wafers. It is highly scalable and may produce multiple millions of micro-optical devices per year.

Diffractive and phase transforming optical applications include (but are not limited to)

  • non-spherical and aspherical optics
  • computer generated holograms
  • diffraction gratings with unusual properties (VLS, beam shaping, multiple gratings overlaid or stacked a single substrate)
  • lens arrays
  • Vortex lenses

The approach may also be used for hybrid integration of a passive optical layer used for beam-shaping and an active layer, containing optical sources and detectors, for robust cost-effective implementation of optoelectronic chips.

LightSmyth works with OEM vendors to provide unique optical solutions based on LightSmyth diffractive optics. Please contact our engineering staff with your application requirements at